Documentation of Human Rights of Zamalka Massacre


I- Introduction:
ncident details:
On Saturday, June 30, 2012, government security forces raided on Zamalka east of the capital in Eastern Ghouta of Rif Dimashq, as they started shooting they killed Abdul Hadi Al Halabi, and several people were wounded around 11:00am.
And as the custom goes Zamalka residents organized the funeral of their martyr, as they went from Al Kabeer Mosque in the city and there was the brutal criminal terroristic military plan of the government security forces, as they planted a bomb in a SABA vehicle as they placed it in the path of the funeral and when the funeral came across the vehicle they detonated the car bomb, killing 72 victims and wounding 400 others.
As we had it confirmed that Syrian Security force were near Al Tawba mosque- where the car bomb located-by 10 eyewitnesses from the residents as they are still alive and any one can meet them, also Zamalka coordinates published a news two hours before the explosion that many cars entered the city and the security force located on the checkpoints changed to civilians outfits.
About 4000 people marched from the martyr Abdul Hadi Al Halabi home towards Al Kabeer Mosque in Zamalka and as they passed near Al Tawba mosque around 6:40 the car bomb exploded, image of the track.
Then the government security forces surrounded the city and prevented aiding the wounded, a government sniper even killed Dr. Jamal Tabrneen as he was aiding the wounded, and this is all evidences on the identity of the killer, as instead of aiding the wounded the Syrian government killed and pursuit the wounded as they were transported to the nearby town of Kafr Batna specifically Al Fateh Hospital and the government security forces surrounded the hospital and assaulted the doctors and the wounded.
Through a later visit to the crime scene and through the meetings with victims’ relatives we managed identify 72 victims killed in the explosion and we have documented their death as we confirm as well there is a number of missing individuals that we couldn’t know where or their fate, which means the victims of the massacre toll may rise.

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