Syrian Artists: Between Freedom and Oppression

Most Notable Violations against Artists in Syria

Syrian Artists

Executive Summary:
Violations against artists are as follows:

First: Extrajudicial killing: SNHR documented the killing of 22 artists:
– Government forces: killed 14 artists including four artists who were tortured to death
– Armed opposition: killed four artists
– Extremist groups: Daesh killed one artist
-Unidentified armed groups: killed three artists
Second: Arrest and kidnapping: we recording 57 arrest-and-kidnapping cases:
– Government forces: 50 cases including nine artists who are still under arrest or forcibly-disappeared.
– Armed opposition: two artists who were released later
– Extremist groups:
– Daesh kidnapped one artist
– An-Nussra Front: two artists; one of them was released later
– Unidentified armed groups: killed two artists

We relied mainly in this report on our researchers and their networks within the local communities, and on testimonies recorded by the artists we directly contacted and met. For more information on our documentation methodology, please visit our website.

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