June Death Toll in Syria 2012

 Death Toll

The following crimes reported are all carried out by the Syrian regime forces during the killing campaign they launched on their unarmed civilians. 
June is considered to be the bloodiest month with at least 2336 confirmed dead including 203 children and 225 women (80 people per day on average)
The statistics of last June show that it has witnessed the gravest violence and largest death toll at the hands of the army and security forces. The Syrian regime perpetrated a large number of massacres during this month in various Syrian governorates harvesting the lives of dozens.
The enclosed link includes the documentation of most of the victims’ names, location, photos and videos. The diagram also illustrates their distribution throughout the duration of the Syrian revolution. Another diagram shows their distribution in Syrian governorates.
We have been able to document 2336 victims in June2012 including:
203 children
225 women
64 killed under torture
151 military personnel