Documentation of “Mu’adamiyet al Sham city” Massacre


Mu’adamiyet al Sham, known as al Mu’adamiyea, is a Syrian city that administratively follows Darayya area, which in turn follows Damascus suburbs governorate. Al Mu’adamiyea city is located a few kilometers away to the west of Damascus city, and it is close to Darayya city and al Mazza neighborhood in Damascus. The city is 720 meters above sea level, and it is the center of a county and one of the nearest cities to the capital Damascus, and also one of the most important cities in Western Ghouta.
Over the course of two days, Mu’adamiyet al Sham city suffered a severely heavy shelling and displacement, starting at 05:00 AM on August 21, Syrian regime forces, along with security forces and Shabiha, enclosed the city from all sides with the support of al Ferqa al Rabea’s (The Fourth Squad) Fawj 555, whose base is al Mu’adamiyea, and more than:
– 20 tanks
– 10 troop carriers
– Heavy artillery
– A number of DShK machine guns
All of this was in synchronization with the warplanes, which took off from al Mazza Military Airbase, soaring in the sky of al Mu’adamiyea city and breaking the sound barriers, which shattered a number of house windows.
The shelling lasted for nearly 12 consecutive hours from a number of axes, which was followed by a land raid, where hundreds of army and security fighters stormed the city and laid waste to anything on their way. They looted a large number of shops from several neighborhoods in the city, and burned a large

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