A statement of the Syrian Network for Human Rights, regarding the number of martyrs in the month of August, 2012


The numbers of civilians killed in August have reached a rate of 187 civilian deaths per day. This has consequently amounted to 5607 civilian deaths as an outcome, in the month of August, 2012.
The Syrian Network for Human rights depends greatly on a strict and accurate manner when approaching and handling the required work to be completed. It did not release any statistics without a methodological approach stating all the specific details, not only numbers – numbers that can easily be manipulated by the source issuing it without and shred of evidence or proof. The month of August marked many massacres committed by members of the Assad Army, security forces and Assad thugs, and the Syrian Network for Human Rights only managed to complete the documentation on Thursday of the largest massacre in the history of the Syrian revolution – Daraya Massacre.
This massacre has not been documented by any members of the Arab or international human rights organisations, as in the case with most of the massacres in Syria. It was impossible to release any statistics unless these massacres were documented. Due to this, statistical release of this month took time, hard work and strenuous effort for many long days.


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