Statement of November’s toll: the death of 3486 civilians to a rate of 177 civilian every day and five civilians every hour


The SNHR documentation methodology
SNHR have complete archives of martyrs due to the interest of worker in it, since the beginning of the popular uprising. The archives include all names, pictures and videos, from all Syrian governorates through its members across Syrian lands.

The most three principles of daily documentation of SNHR:
First: SNHR doesn’t issue any statistic to all parties without attaching files that include specific details for each incident. For this reason, it has been adopted as a basic source for parties and the international committees around the world. Many ask for the lists of the Network with every update it publishes.

Second: SNHR specializes in the documentation of the civilian death as it is impossible to document the military casualties, in particular, those who affiliated to Syrian government the dead of army forces, intelligence and security. That because the Syrian authorities doesn’t give them license for work and arrests number of our team on its lands. We were able to document rare cases of Free Army martyrs through contacting their friend and families as most of them were civilians.

Third: we have documented some of massacres that have been committed by the security and Al Shabiha against civilians which is more complicated and a difficult job. Depending on the documentation of victims of massacres, the real total shows in accurate and objective way.


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