The targeting of medical cadres by the Syrian government is a crime against humanity

Madical The Syrian government kills and injures hundreds of people daily and those who survive from the injured are not able to go to public hospitals to be treated as they fear detention or physical liquidation. This has placed the medical cadres in a very tricky situation – to abide to the governments orders and to inform them of the patients, knowing that these patients are going to be arrested and detained and may even be tortured, or to ignore the orders and to make the health of the patients their priority, by doing so putting themselves in danger for protecting their patients.

Additionally, the Syrian network for human rights documented the execution of approx. 900 civilians from a total of 42561, which is the death toll figure at the end of 2012. Those 900 were wounded civilians who entered private and public hospitals and were murdered by the security forces and thugs in front of the medical cadres, many of the corpses which were taken out of hospitals had signs of bullet shots.

This situation caused many doctors to work in field hospitals which have very basic medical equipment. They had to carry out operations on people who were shot by snipers or who were injured due to shelling, this meant that many paramedics, pharmacists and doctors were prosecuted by the Syrian governments forces, and were regarded as criminals because they aided the wounded.

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