The Destruction Of Schools And its Consequences

schoolsThe Syrian network for human rights documented the destruction of homes and general construction in the various Syrian districts through conducting a detailed study over the past year and through gathering information from the daily network reports. The information and figures in this survey can be confirmed to an acceptable degree of accuracy, and provide an update of a similar report which was published approx four months ago.

Since the start of this Syrian revolution, the Syrian army’s forces have used heavy weapons against the civilians, such as tanks, heavy artillery, Shilka and snipers. Since the 8th month of the revolution, military aircraft has been introduced when the regime started shelling with helicopters and for the past 7 months they have used military aircraft in a systematic manner and on a daily basis. Additionally explosive barrels have been used for the past 5 months, each barrel weighs half a ton, and for approx ten days they have used scud missiles which have widespread destructive effects.

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