SNHR sound the alarm on humanitarian crises in south Damascus

alarm Syrian Government’s Armed Forces has escalated its brutal military campaign against southern neighborhoods of the capital Damascus during the last few days, where they shelled almost 1500 shells including : missiles, mortar, and artillery within 48 hours.
In addition to shelling Syrian Government’s Armed Troops prevent flour and medicine, and cut of water, electricity, communications and internet completely and continuously from more than 8 months, where residents live disastrous primitive life.
Syrian Government’s Armed Forces have been trying to break into the southern area of the capital, and field execution as what happened in Banyias and Jdaidt Alfadl, where they massing with Iranian extremist terrorist militia Known as Abou El Fadl Al- Abbas , where they trying to move forward in 9 areas of the 13 axes; which are :
1- Biet Sahm area : two axes ( Damascus Airport Motorway and Akraba )
2- Az Zabeyeh area : one axis Az Zabeyeh housing
3- Al Bahdaliah area
4- Al Husseiniyah camp area
5- Sbeneh area : two axes ( Mills and Peugeot )
6- Al Issaly area : one axis Jorat Alshribati
7- Al Kadam area
8- Al Yarmouk Camp area : three axes ( Palestine road – Thirteen road – Yarmouk section )
9- Al Tadamon area : one axis Nisren street