Security Branches and Its Most Notable Commanders

security branchesSyrian regime Forces according to the latest survey carried out by the Syrian network for human rights , arrested not less than (215, 000) Syrian citizens, including nearly 9,000 under the age of eighteen, 35,000 university students, almost 4500 women (800 of them faculty student) , and at least( 80,000) forcibly disappeared
The detained in Syria has been subjected to various types of violence , torture, claimed the lives of 2305, including 80 children and 25 women until 31/03/2013.
It has been a necessity to recognize the highly detailed intelligence services and the main affiliate branches and those who in charge , because it is the real headquarters that brutally tortured thousands of the Syrian people and killed hundreds of them under torture, not to mention that there are at least 700 rape cases took place in those branches
We indicate that these branches are what we could recognize them and there are dozens of secret detention centres ( we know nothing about it yet ) deliberately opened by the Syrian regime where horrible actions took place there and intended to escape from responsibility and accountability pretext that they are not subject to them and no one knows bout .

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