New Ethnic Cleansing Massacre in Al Baida Village in Tartus Governorate

Even Mediation Teams Are Killed

Incident details:
In the ethnic cleansing of Tartus governorate and after government forces backed by Shabiha committed the infamous massacre that is considered one of the most brutal massacres committed since the beginning of the popular uprising in Syria, the massacre that took place on May 2, 2013, where 495 civilians were killed according to SNHR documentation including 264 in Al Baida village, and 195 in Ras Al Nabea in Banias.
After the two massacres the attacking forces took a systematic policy to displace the residents of Al Baida and Ras Al Babea in Banias through.

Robbing all houses with all its contents, as tens of the residents informed us that their homes were robbed and they saw trucks loaded with their furniture and electrical machines.
Sabotaging and destroying the houses, the citizen Abu Mohammad from Ras Al Nabea informed us that “the sectarian militias sabotaged his house and tens of other houses in the neighborhood and broke the walls, and that every piece of furniture they couldn’t carry they opened fire on such as air conditioner on the wall, or a fridge in the wall, or a closet” the UN can notice it easily through satellites images.
A wide arrest campaign arresting many of the families in Ras Al Nabea neighborhood and Al Baida village.

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