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83598 people have been killed since Syria’s uprising against Bashar al-Assad



SNHR documentation policy depends on document name from at least two different sources unconnected with each other.
SNHR doesn’t issue any statistic without supported files contain very precise details of each death case fully identified by the name of the victim , as well as the date and location of death
By those standards SNHR have been adopted as one of the most important resources in UN statistics for the victims of the Syrian conflicts , and in its famous statistics at the beginning of this year , which stated the killing of 60.000 Syrian citizens , as well as adopted as the main source for many news agencies and space stations  
SNHR documented civilian casualties in addition to free army victims as a result  of the possibility to apply the network’s criteria in documentation and verification , these criteria  can’t be applied to Syrian Government’s Armed Forces deads cause of the prosecution , ban and restrictions.
Since Syria’s uprising began in March 2011 as to 15/5/2013 , SNHR documented at least killing of 80159 people, distributed to 75992 civilians ( 91% civilian victims ) , 7606 Syrian Free Army ( 9% fighter brigades)
Among the civilians: 7686 women , 8329 children , and 2441 tortured to death


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