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Documenting the kill of 101513 victims including 89664 civilians (88% ) 10914 children and 9911 women



First: Introduction:
Syrian Network for Human Rights considered one of the most prominent United Nation’s sources in documenting non-international armed conflict’s victims in Syrian, and depended by many human rights organizations, and Arab and international news agency.
SNHR documentation policy depends on document name from at least two different sources unconnected with each other .
SNHR doesn’t issue any statistic without supported files contain very precise details of each death case fully identified by the name of the victim , as well as the date and location of death.
 about documenting victims that SNHR was not able to get their names for many reasons, mostly because of body deformation, or killed in far place of their original resident . in this case SNHR doesn’t accept to add any victim, unless there was a video or photo, then documenting unknown victims according to the accurate number.
SNHR documenting civilian victims who killed by government forces or armed rebels , where there is good potential to communicate with them and apply SNHR’s criteria and standards.
Syrian Network for Human rights doesn’t document government forces’ death including security forces and Shabiha owing the impossibility to communicate with them, because the ban imposed on all Syrian rights groups including Syrian Network for Human Rights, therefore can’t apply any criteria in documenting the dead militiamen and security forces of government forces, not to mention that Syrian Government by itself don’t do that and there is no independent governmental authorities to do it, the Syrian Government has provided the United Nation by 2469 name in 2012 when the United Nation issued the statistic of 60.000 dead and didn’t provide them with any files later.


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