Victims of cold


The main reason for dying out of cold is the siege and denying the access of warming tools. The other reason is damaging about 3 million houses in Syria which led to the migration of 6.4 million, thousands of them are living in the open or in tenets that don’t protect them from the chilling cold of winter.
All this led to the killing of 14 people because of cold during the winter of 2013; among them are 9 children and 2 women, according to the victims’ documentation team in SNHR.
SNHR has also received some news saying that 13 prisoners in Aleppo Central Prison have died because of cold on December, 14, 2014, though we were not able to get their names and pictures till now.
The Security Council must take more steps to oblige all sides to end the siege and guarantee the access of humanitarian aids to affected civilians, and shoulder its serious responsibilities in this regard. The Security Council must put pressure on the Syrian government to accept the entrance of humanitarian aid to areas not controlled by the government since that will facilitate the work of aid organisations.

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