Three Years Harvest

Three Years Harvest
124927 deaths are documented, among them 105721 civilians (88%), 14314 children and 12935 women. This outcome doesn’t include the deaths in the government forces.
This outcome means that every hour 6 citizens are killed on the hands of the government forces, with a death rate of about 135 people a day.
A child is killed every two hours.
A woman is killed every three hours.
Al Qaeda affiliated groups killed about 1037 people, among them 386 civilians, among them 41 children and 32 women.
Other armed groups killed 174 civilians, among them 24 children and 28 women.

The government forces killed about 14314 children, 93 of them are tortured to death after being arrested.
The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) killed about 41 children.
Other armed groups killed about 24 children.
Internally displaced children are about 2.1 million children; they are in need of food supplies and health care.
Refugees’ children are 1.1 million children. More than 35 thousand children are born in the refugee camps.
The majority of displaced and refugee children are deprived of education; according to the estimates of SNHR they are about 3.5 million.

The number of women victims killed by the government forces is more than 12813, which means that Syria loses 12 women every day.
Al Qaeda-affiliated groups killed 42 women.
25 women are killed by some armed opposition groups.
More than 7500 women were exposed to cases of sexual violence.

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