Government Forces Use Strange Kinds of Poisonous Gases The Committee on Chemical Weapons Illuminating should visit the targeted locations

Soldiers from the newly formed Joint NBC unit perform decontamination procedures as they take part in the logistical exercise Iron Ration.Since our team wasn’t able to visit the location of the incident and considering the network’s limited capacities and present circumstances, we used in this report, as all of the previous reports issued by SNHR about the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime, survivor’s accounts and eyewitnesses’ testimonies in addition to the verified pictures and videos that we receive from our approved activists. Please know that we changed the names of the witnesses according to their own will.

The Syrian regime used a missile loaded with poisonous substances that we couldn’t identify its type.However, we verified the killing of 7 people in addition to 30 people wounded at least; all of them were rebels.

Dr. Hazem, head of the medical center in Harasta and the supervisor of the injured cases, offered us his testimony:

“About 11:00 PM we started receiving some injured people from A-Kou’ after it was shelled, the victims were suffering from psychological disorders, disorientation, eye irritation, and blurry vision. These symptoms were different from the symptoms we came across during the chemical attack against Ghouta back in August.

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