When the sky rains barrel bombs

syria, aleppo, barrel, bomb, destorationBarrel bombs airstrikes have killed about a thousand Syrian citizens; 97% approximately of them are civilians. We believe thatthese numbers arereasonableconsidering the indiscriminate dropping of these barrel bombs from five thousands meter high. This happens on a daily basisdespite the UN Security Council Resolution 2139 which was adopted unanimously on Feb 22th to “immediately cease all attacks against civilians, as well as the indiscriminate employment of weapons in populated areas, including shelling and aerial bombardment, such as the use of barrel bombs”. We, in SNHR,affirm that nothing has changed after the resolution was adopted,this was the case always with similarprevious noncommittal Resolutions.This clearly indicates that there are guarantees from within the Security Council granted by the Syrian regime’s allies.