The Syrian Regime Impedes the Syrian Red Crescent


Zakia town is a small town in western Ghouta, it is located about 30 km to the southwest of Damascus suburbs. Its rugged nature isolated it from the neighboring towns. Its population is about 28,000.

Zakia town is relatively quit village in the western Ghouta, as it is free of any clashes between government forces and armed opposition. Sometimes, it is exposed to indiscriminate bombardment from the seventh brigade on the outskirts of the town. The Syrian government regime besieged the town by four military checkpoints stationed on the main road on the eastern town, while the western road, which is considered the only passage for the farmers, is exposed to constant bombardment by division 137 and” Al Darbakhieh” checkpoint. As a result, the farmers can’t reach their lands.
The relatively quiet town is a refuge of tens of thousands of IDPs from different towns of the western suburbs of Damascus, in particular (Ain Al Bayda town, Al Thoura twon, and Al Taybeh town) those areas are hot areas for clashes and, consequently, the population of Zakiya town increased reaching 55,000, most of them live inside evacuation centers , mosques, schools, or even shops.


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