ISIS Forcibly Displaces about 150,000 People in Ein Al-Arab

ISIS Forcibly

On Saturday 19 July, 2014, SNHR published a report about the displacement of 2100 family at least in northern Aleppo countryside at the hands of ISIS after its forces attacked these areas on 15 July, 2014 using heavy weapons such as tanks and artillery. At that time, SNHR warned of the catastrophic results that this highly-populated and poor area would endure.
On 15 September, 2014 ISIS forces focused its attacks on Ein Al-Arab “Koubani” area, which is under the control of the People’s Protection Units (YPG), which is affiliated with the Democratic Union Party’s (PYD). ISIS indiscriminately bombarded the areas using heavy artillery and mortar shells that targeted several towns and villages.
ISIS fighters attacked the Kurdish areas from three points (east, south, and west). On Friday, 19 September, 2014 the Kurdish forces were forced to withdraw from villages in eastern Ein Al-Arab (Sarzouri, Khan, Koubrlak, Ahmadyan, Danai, Sybqran, Qaz’li, and Jarn). These villages are located 45 km to the east of Ein Al-Arab. The residents of these villages were forced to flee to Ein Al-Arab city “Ain Al-Arab” which is located near the Syrian-Turkish borders.
Some of the residents told SNHR that ISIS fighters looted and burned the houses of the people who worked for YPG.
At the same time, ISIS carried out an attack in western Ein Al-Arab countryside on Tuesday 16 September, 2014 starting with Jarabouls city and Ash-Shyoukh town where ISIS managed to take over the areas to the east of Kharab Attou and Zour Maghar villages which are located 40 km to the east of Ein Al-Arab “Ain Al-Arab” after heated clashes with YPG and Burkan Al-Furat operation room that includes FSA faction. Clashes also erupted in western Koubany countryside – Darkman village.