In September 2014: Nine Media Activists Killed, Two kidnapped and arrested, and Four injured

Media Activists

– Killing: SNHR documented the killing of nine media activists as follows:
– The Syrian regime: killed seven media activists including three media activists who died under torture inside the Syrian regime detention centers.
– Extremist armed groups: ISIS killed one foreign journalist while another media activist was killed by unidentified armed group.
– Arresting and kidnapping: Two cases of kidnapping and arrested were recorded; the Syrian regime arrested a media activist while ISIS kidnapped a foreign journalist.
– Injuries: Four injuries were documented; all of which were caused by the Syrian regime.

Syria has become one of the most dangerous working environments for media activists in light of the ongoing armed conflict. Crimes targeting media activists are being increasingly perpetrated amid a complete and blatant impunity. Media activists are not only being harassed, pursued, arrested, kidnapped, or killed but are also being used as a leverage to gain political advantages, like what ISIS is doing of killing and detaining foreign journalists, or for a substantial ransom.