The International Alliance Airstrikes Kill More Civilians and Target Ahrar Ash-Sham Movement for The First Time

International Alliance Airstrikes

Executive Summary
On 6 November, 2014 the international alliance warplanes carried out a number of airstrikes targeting cities located near the Syrian-Turkish Borders. The airstrikes targeted the following:
1- Four military centers for An-Nassra front in Idlib countryside – Harem city which killed two female children; one of whom was killed along with her father, who was an An-Nussra front fighter and lived in house next to the agricultural bank. Also, his wife and son were critically wounded.
2- An ammunition car in Saramda city and burned her
3- A center for Ahrar Ash-Sham movement in Idlib countryside – Babsqa village. The international alliance’s missile destroyed and burned an ammunition depot. This was the first time that the international alliance targets Ahrar Ash-Sham movement.
4- A center for An-Nussra front in Aleppo western countryside in Al-Muhandsien area. The shelling destroyed the whole building.
SNHR published on 25 October, 2014 a study on the death toll of the international alliance airstrikes which amounted to 24 victims including women and children at that time.