Eastern Ghouta is Targeted by an Indiscriminate Killing Campaign

143 civilians were killed including 28 women and 29 children in five days

Eastern Ghouta

Government forces have perpetrated many crimes against humanity, through its daily killings, and many war crimes through the indiscriminate bombardment of civilians and fighters. Statistics, names, and pictures of victims show that civilians are being explicitly targeted in a terrorist attempt to exterminate the hometowns of the rebels. Apparently, government forces, led by Bashar Al-Assad, are retaliating after Al-Islam Army targeted various areas in Damascus with missiles. However, facts show that retaliation was extremely excessive and the use of force, in this manner, was unjustifiable. We found out that there was no rebels’ presence or any military centers or gatherings in any of the areas that was targeted by government forces.

The operation didn’t have any distinguishable or known target as neighborhoods, hospitals, markets were all targeted and citizens were killed regardless of their beliefs. Furthermore, we received more than 35 video footages and 50 pictures that show clearly victims, wounded and heavy damages.
All of this data are merely the minimum where the size and quantity of the violations, which were perpetrated through a heavy ongoing shelling, are absolutely greater.

The severity of the military campaign was deepened by medication, food, and fuel shortages in light of the suffocating siege of the whole region of Eastern Ghouta. Many wounded died of their wounds amid a poor medical capabilities and severe lack of equipment and medication. Although, the Security Council adopted resolution 2165 which allows for humanitarian aids to be delivered via borders, the internal areas didn’t receive any aids which mostly go to areas that support the Syrian government as we noted in an extensive report entitled: “Eastern Ghouta is under Siege”

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