The International Alliance Responsible for the Deaths of 103 Civilians, Including 11 Children and 11 Women

The International Alliance Victims Toll

International Alliance Responsible

The International Alliance forces continue the air strikes that started in September 23rd, 2014 against ISIS, on the locations, centers, and infrastructure that ISIS might benefit from, however the victims of these strikes were not just fighters, but also civilians including women and children. As we assured in many previous reports, we have documented the deaths of no less than 40 civilians, since December 14th, 2014.
In this report we will document the civilian casualties from December 14th, 2014 until February 17th, 2015. These incidents have caused the deaths of no less than 63 civilians, including 3 children and 5 women, for an overall death toll of 103 individuals including 11 women, once of which is a confirmed American woman as well as 11 children. This information has been documented by the SNHR by name, picture, date, and time.

Mr. Fadel Abdul Ghani head of SNHR says:
“Regrettably, the alliance forces central command, denies that civilian have been killed by the alliance forces, even with the previous reports that are backed with investigations including testaments, photos, videos, and victims’ names, and we are prepared to prove those claims by the victims’ families. There should be serious pursuit and investigation to hold the responsible accountable, and to restitute the people effected.”
Unfortunately, SNHR can’t record or document the deaths toll caused behind ISIS lines, and no one can claim that, except within the media propaganda, and that is because ISIS has never published the names, photos or any videos or any information about them, and there is no information source or reporters behind ISIS lines to deliver such news, photos, and account for the number of victims.
Executive Summary: December 14th, 2014 till February 17th, 2015.

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