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Targeting Christian Places of Worship in Syria


63% have been targeted by government’s forces

Christian Places

Since the early days of the uprising in Syria in March 2011, Assad regime committed all of its resources to portray it as a sectarian conflict by retaliating with extreme military force, and by creating and deepening sectarian divisions within the diverse Syrian society. Eventually, what started as a peaceful uprising transformed into a full-blown armed conflict. Assad regime has always promoted itself as “the protector of minorities” especially Christians. However, and for over 40 years, Assad regime used sectarianism systematically to tighten its grip on the Syrian society. As a result of the regime’s ruthless and sectarian nature, ethnic and sectarian divisions have become deeper and more established which threaten Syria’s national and territorial integrity.

This report, alongside other previous reports issued by the Syrian Network for Human Rights, shows that Assad regime protects itself only and is willing to target anybody who demands democracy and human rights regardless of their religious or ethnic affiliations.
SNHR emphasises the importance of building a democratic and inclusive state with the rule of law. A state that would ensure that all of its citizens would enjoy the rights enshrined in the International Humanitarian Law and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. SNHR vision for Syria is of a country where all citizens work together towards a prosperous, tolerant and vibrant society.

Dr. Wael Aleji, the Spokesperson for SNHR, says:
“Christians and their places of worship have suffered as much as the rest of the Syrian people. Scud missiles, chemical weapons or barrel bombs do not differentiate between Christians and non-Christians. And, after the rise and expansion of terrorist groups, Christians suffered different types of discrimination and violence although they have been living in harmony and tolerance with Muslims for hundreds of years. Christians have become trapped and squeezed between the fire of Assad regime and the hell of the extremist groups”.

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