Almost Twelve Thousands Victims of Death by Torture in Syria

International Day in Support of Victims of Torture!

Death by Torture

Executive Summary:
Although the right to not being exposed to torture is a granted matter in the international law and is part of both International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law, as it is completely forbidden in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and the Convention against Torture, all of that is described in Istanbul Protocol, even with all of that, torture is being practiced in Syria in its worst ways on daily basis since March 2011 and until now and for long hours leading to death, as we record 3 to 4 deaths under torture in detention centers on a daily basis.
There is no party -that claim to be neutral- who can describe the violations by the four main parties in Syria as being on the same level and degree of violence, regardless to the strenuous role by some organizations and news agencies that assist them in that role.

However, the evidences and verified and certified statistics remain the most important indication in judgment, (this doesn’t contradict with the fact that any crime by any party is a convicted action), in the matter of the subject of torture specifically; according to the statistics recorded by name, place of torture, image, and date in SNHR files, we can place the involved party in the following order taking under consideration that first the government forces are the first to commit all the violation and for several months, second the size of lands controlled by these forces:
A- Government forces (army, security forces, local militias, foreign Shiite militias): killed no less than 11,358 individuals under torture including 157 children and 62 women
B- Different factions in the armed opposition: killed 31 individuals (most of them captives from the government forces), including 7 children and 2 women
C- Extreme Islamic Organizations:
a- ISIS (called themselves Islamic State): killed no less than 29 individuals including 2 children and 2 women
b- An-Nussra Front: killed 5 individuals under torture
D- Kurdish self-management forces (mainly Kurd Democratic Union Party Forces- Public Protection Units and Asayish Forces ): killed no less than 6 individuals including a child
And the therefore if the overall victims of death under torture toll is 11,429 then government forces are responsible for 99% of the death under torture incidents.

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