11090 Deaths since the beginning of 2015

2137 deaths in June 2015

11090 Deaths

I: Introduction:
The month of June witnessed a notable rise in the number of victims killed by Daesh, also known as ISIS. We documented 451 victims who were killed by the extremist group during massacres committed in Ein Al Arab region (known as Kobani) in Aleppo suburbs.
This report includes the death toll of all the casualties who were killed by the major parties in Syria:
A- Governmental forces (army, local militias, foreign Shitti militias)
B- PYD Forces
C- Extremist groups
D- Armed opposition factions
E- International Coalition Forces
F- Unidentified groups

II: SNHR Methodology:
The Syrian Network for Human Rights is an independent human rights organization. SNHR works on documenting human rights violations in Syria as well as victims and detainees.
This report does not include the government forces casualties (army, security forces, local or foreign militias) or ISIS casualties in the absence of criteria to document this type of victims.

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