Civilian’s Death Toll due to the International Coalition Airstrikes

International Coalition Aviation Killed 225 Civilians, including 65 Children and 37 Women

International Coalition Airstrikes

I- Introduction
Since 23 September 2014, International Coalition forces joined the four major conflict parties in Syria (i.e. government forces, Kurdish forces, Extremist Islamic Groups and Armed Opposition Members). These military operations that are carried by the International Coalition are usually associated with humanitarian and materials damages and loss, as we documented earlier in previous reports. These reports documented civilian casualties, who were affected by the coalition’s shelling, and did not document the number ISIL’s victims since they do not announce their casualties’ numbers.

No organization can claim that they have secret agents inside ISIL or whether they cooperate with an ISIL member, therefore we believe that any statistics about ISIL’s casualties are counterfeit; since the documentation process involves victims’ names, pictures, background information, and details about their death. However, in certain incidents limited number of ISIL victims can be identified. It is worth mentioning that this obstacle in documenting ISIL’s victims is due to the foreign identities of their members. Syrian nationals can be reached and information about their death or injury can be verified and confirmed, not as ISIL’s foreign members.

It is noteworthy to mention that even though all our previous reports were received by relevant authorities, the US Central Command only acknowledged the death of two Syrian children due to the International Coalition shelling.

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