Following the Steps of the Syrian Government: ISIL Violates UN Security Council Resolutions

130 violations by Syrian government forces and 2 violations by ISIL

ISIL Violates UN Security Council

I- Introduction:
In this report we record, and for the first time, ISIL’s use of toxic gases when it targeted Maree’ City in Aleppo northern suburbs. Thus, ISIL joins the Syrian government by using toxic gases before UN Security Council resolution 2118 was issued and after. In our latest report, “Toxic Gases in Syria: Unlimited Security Council Breaches” issued on 19 August 2015, the Syrian government violated resolution 2118 one hundred and twenty five times since the resolution was issued on 27 September 2013. Also, government forces violated resolution 2209 fifty six times after it was issued on 6 March 2015.
After the latest resolution was issued, the Syrian regime violated the resolution five times; therefore violations after resolution 2118 are detailed as follows:
– Syrian government violated resolution 2118 one hundred thirty times, including 61 violations for resolution 2209.
– ISIL violated resolution 2118 and 2209 two times.

Fadel Abdul Ghany, head of SNHR, said:
“The Syrian government feels that it has been granted immunity by the international community by continuously breaching and violating UN Security Council resolutions without any repercussions for five years. The Syrian government believes that if it bribed one of the Security Council members, then it has the green light, not red limits, in using different kind of weapons including toxic gases. Consequently, ISIL, and other terrorist dictatorships, were encouraged to follow the same method of killing civilians and committing crimes.”

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