The Death of 1771 Individuals in October 2015

Amongst Which 273 Individuals Were Killed by Russian Forces

Death of 1771 Individuals

I- Introduction:
What distinguishes this month in particular is the participation of the Russian forces in the Syrian conflict as it has become one of the main conflict parties. The percentage of killed women and children reached 39% of the total civilians’ death toll who were killed by the Syrian government and the Russian forces, which is strong indicator that those forces deliberately and indiscriminately target civilians.

This report includes the casualties’ death toll of who were killed by major conflict parties in Syria:
A- Governmental forces (army, local militias, foreign Shitti militias)
B- Russian Forces
C- Kurdish Self Management Forces
D- Extremist Islamic Groups
E- Armed opposition Groups
F- International Coalition Forces
G- Unidentified groups

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