The Main Conflict Parties Who Are Killing Civilians in Syria

Civilian’s Death Toll up to the end of October 2015

Main Conflict Parties

Since the beginning of the uprising in Syria in 2011, SNHR has been documenting, classifying, and archiving the victim’s death toll according to different criteria and characteristics. We record the victims’ names, age, date and cause of death. Further, SNHR classifies whether the victims were civilians or gunmen and records other relevant information as well. However, it should be noted that what we have been documenting is the bare minimum of what we were able to record regarding different documentation criteria and challenges that we face. To read more about SNHR’s methodology, please visit the following link.

In the past years, we provided the High Commissioner for Human Rights with files that contained all victims’ data; however the commission that is headed by Prince Zeid Bin Ra’ad Al Houssein has ceased to continue to update the casualties’ death toll in May 2014, and we hopefully wish that it will be resumed in the near future.

Since March 2011 and for several months afterwards, the main conflict party that killed Syrian civilians was government forces represented by security forces, army and local militias. Al Nusra Front announced its formation on 24 January 2012 and then the PYD Kurdish Forces started to emerge. Also, ISIL announced its creation on 9 April 2013; two years after the uprising had started.

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