The Lethal Ceasefire: “The Death of 63 Civilians, 21 amongst Which Died From Hunger in Madaya”

The Lethal Ceasefire

Syrian government forces (army, security forces, local and foreign militias) use hunger as a weapon of war for years in regions under the control of armed opposition. This systemized weapon of human destruction had its impact on the Syrian society, whereas the latest victim of siege and hunger has been Madaya town in Damascus suburbs. Madaya town is located in Damascus suburbs and has been under siege since the end of 2013.

Within the month of July 2015, government forces tightened its grip on the town. Military checkpoints prohibited the entrance of any kind of food to the town (including Kazeyat Nabaa’ Barada checkpoint, Al Wazeer checkpoint, Al Methana checkpoint and Al She’baa checkpoint). Also, military barracks (Al Talae’ and Al Takeye Barracks) withheld the entrance of food supplies or fuel to the town and planted hundreds of anti-personnel landmines around the agricultural lands that surround the town.

Even though the truce which was signed in 24 September 2015 stated that the siege shall be broke off of Madaya, however, food aid under the patronage of the UN entered the town only once on 18 October 2015. Some of the food items had expired dates which resulted in not less than 200 food poisoning cases. We have issued a full report about this incident and demanded the UN to investigate this matter and hold the persons who were responsible for the distribution of food accountable. However, the result of this investigation is still unannounced.

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