The Killing of 1382 Civilians in January 2016

679 amongst which were killed by Russian Forces

Killing of 1382 Civilians

I- Introduction:
This report encompasses the casualties’ death toll of who were killed by major conflict parties in Syria:
A- Governmental forces (army, security forces, local militias and foreign Shiite militias)
B- Russian Forces
C- Kurdish Self Management Forces
D- Extremist Islamic Groups
E- Armed opposition Groups
F- International Coalition Forces
G- Unidentified groups

II- Report Methodology:
The Syrian Network for Human Rights is an independent human rights organization that documents the violations of human rights by the six major conflict parties in Syria.
To a certain extent, we are able to document the civilians who are killed by all major conflict parties in Syria, however, armed victims are divided into two categories:
a- Armed opposition victims: It is difficult to document the precise number of armed opposition members since they are killed in battle fields not cities. In addition, some armed opposition groups keep the victims’ names confidential due to security reasons. Hence, we cannot obtain their names, images or any other details and therefore, the number of killed armed opposition members is far more than what we were able to record.
b- Government forces’ or ISIL victims:
It is nearly impossible to obtain information about those kinds of victims due to the absence of any clear methodology, for several reasons. Neither Government forces nor armed opposition groups do not declare their victims’ names or record it. Therefore, there is no clear and credible data to rely on while documenting ISIL or government forces’ members.
Therefore, we will record the civilians who were killed by all conflict parties and compare between it.
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