The Power struggles in Kafr Nobul City Encourages Arbitrary Arrests

Kafr Nobul City

Since mid-May of this year, SNHR documented several cases of arbitrary arrests; and that of employees who work in the service area in the city of Kafr Nobul in Idlib governorate by Al Nusra Front that is related to Al Qa’eda Organization and by the Islamic Movement of Ahrar al-Sham. It has been believed that the main perception of the parties is the Conflict of influence and domination.

On 17 May the members of the legitimate court of Kafr Nobul City, (Is a court related to Islamic Movement of Ahrar al-Sham as most of the members of the Tribunal are from the Movement itself), arrested a member in the local council of Kafr Nobul city from his work place, (most local council members loyal to Al Nusra Front), as he committed a criminal offense.
The local council responded by issuing a statement in which it condemned the arrest of one of its members. Then, the legitimate court issued a judicial lawsuit against the entire local council members. On 18 May, the legitimate court raided the local council and arrested the President of the Council and two other members; then they were released after hours of their detention.

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