Russian Forces are Killing Civilians in ISIS-held Areas

Documenting the Massacre of Al Qouriya city in Al Mayadein, Deir Ez-Zour

Al Qouriya city

I. Introduction
Al Qouriya city is located in Al Mayadein area in the eastern suburbs of Deir Ez-Zour and has a population of no less than 60,000. The city has been under the control of ISIS since July 2014.
Map showing the location of the city

This report documents a gross massacre that has been perpetrated by allegedly Russian forces in Al Ta’es neighborhood in Al Qouriya city where SNHR contacted a number of residents, eyewitnesses, and survivors in addition to local media activists. This report includes one account as well as pictures and videos that we have reviewed and verified its authenticity. We have explained to the witnesses the purpose of this interview and they gave us our permission to use the information they provided. Additionally, we have copies of all the pictures and video that are mentioned in this report.

The investigations included in this report show that the targeted areas were civil and there were no military centers or weapon storehouses during or before the attack.
This report only includes the bare minimum of the actual magnitude and severity of the violations that have occurred, and it doesn’t cover the social, economic, or psychological effects of the violations.

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