A Russian Bombardment Targets the Faculty of Medicine Building in Kafr Takhareem

The United Nation’s Inaction on the Targeting of the University will Incite more Crimes

Kafr Takhareem

The targeting of vital civil facilities and educational facilities by the Syrian and Russian regimes is unprecedented in the modern age. In this statement, we are going to record the targeting of the faculty of medicine, which is affiliated to the interim Syrian government, in Kafr Takhareem in Idlib governorate.
The strategy adopted by the Syrian regime and its ally the Russian regime has become exposed where they deliberately target hospitals, markets, schools, and universities in the areas that are out of the Syrian regime’s control to force these areas’ residents to agree to settlements that would leave them displaced to northern Syria or abroad. The international community is still idly watching the demographic change that is taking place in Syria with only issuing statements of condemnation and threat that are seen by the Syrian and Iranian regimes as a green light to continue perpetrating crimes.

Fadel Abdul Ghani, chairman of SNHR, says:
“The Syrian victims and their families are deeply grieved, because even the statements of worry, condemnation, and disapproval have stopped despite the horrendousness of the crimes that are being perpetrated against them. The barbarian relentless bombardment on hospitals, universities, and schools in Syria with no one to stop it is a violation of the core of humanity that has shattered all values and principles. We, as well as history, are recording everyone who was in charge and failed to support and protect the universities and schools in Syria from the Russian bombardment.”

On Sunday 23 October 2016, approximately at 23:30, a fixed-wing warplane we believe was Russian carried out two airstrikes on the northwestern neighborhood in Kafr Takhareem city, located in Idlib governorate and is under the joint control of armed opposition factions and Fateh Al Sham Front. The airstrike targeted the building of the faculty of medicine which is affiliated to the interim Syrian government. The building also houses the city’s local council and the gymnasium which is also a lecture hall for the faculty of medicine. The bombardment resulted in great destruction to the faculty building and the gymnasium. We documented the killing of seven civilians including two children and four women who live in residential houses located next to the gymnasium and the faculty of medicine.

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