No less than 100 thousand civilians’ fate is unknown after the regime seized control over 95% of eastern Aleppo neighborhoods

100 thousand civilians’ fate is unknown

Since the middle of November 2016 until today, the Syrian regime forces and foreign Shiite militias fighting with him along with Russian warplanes support by heavy bombardment was able to seize control over 95% of eastern Aleppo neighborhoods that was under armed opposition factions control, on their way to seizing control they didn’t regard any of the International Humanitarian Law principle, committing hundreds of violations daily and continuously, many of these violations mount to war crimes, as hospitals, schools, and residential neighborhoods were bombarded randomly and sometimes deliberately causing the displacement of thousands of civilians from eastern Aleppo neighborhoods, some to government forces territory while others to Kurdish Democratic Party territory, while over 80 thousands civilians still sieged in less than 3 square kilometers in what is left of the armed opposition factions territory.

Some of the families were unable to escape from neighborhoods that government forces and its accompanied Shiite militias gained control over, these neighborhoods are:
“Al Saleheen, Al Ferdous, Bab Al Hadid, Bab Al Nasser, Al Kalasa, Bustan Al Qasser, Al Qaterji, Al Haydariya, Al Entharat, Be’idin, Jabal Badro, Al Shaqeif, Bustan Al Basha, Al Sakhour, Jub Al Quba, Karm Al Myassar, Karm Al Tahan, Karm Al Jazmati, Qadi Askar, Bab Antakiya, Bab Al Maqam, Al Etha’a, Karm Houmad, Al Shaar, Al Hollok, Al Hamaidiya…”

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