International Women’s Day, a Comment from Syria

23,502 Female were Killed in the Past Six Years in Syria, 91% at the hands of the Syrian Regime and its Allies

7571 Females are still under Arrest or Forcibly-disappeared

International Women's Day

Photo by: Hawar News Agency


The Syrian Woman has been notably active in most aspects of the popular uprising toward freedom since 2011. The Syrian Woman has played great roles in social, relief, media, awareness, violation documentation, political, and other fields. The popular uprising had its direct and its undirect toll on the Syrian Woman, where we noticed that she was targeted “as a woman” in many cases in order to crush her and undermine her creative role. One very notable statistic is that Syrian regime snipers have killed 763 females at least.
Violations and crimes to which the Syrian Woman has been subjected vary, with extrajudicial killing being the most significant one, followed by sexual violence, abduction, arbitrary arrest, injury, loss of husband or child, and displacement. The Syrian Woman has suffered from all the horrors that the Syrian people suffered, where Syria has lost, over the course of that past six years, 23,502 women at least – 65% of them were killed in airstrikes. Syrian regime and the foreign militias that it amassed, along with its ally: the Russian regime, killed 91% of all the female victims. These violations have led to a state of fragmentation within the Syrian society which also suffered displacement, as the numbers of refugees skyrocketed.

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