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No less than Nine Chemical Attacks since the Beginning of 2017


The Syrian Regime has Breached Security Council Resolutions 167 Times

Nine Chemical Attacks

In its 4th report which was published on October 21, 2016, the OPCW-UN Joint Investigative Mechanism, established in accordance with Security Council Resolution 2235 on August 7, 2015, has declared the Syrian regime responsible for three chemical attacks that took place between 2014 and 2015, and declared ISIS responsible for one attack in Marea city in Aleppo. SNHR has published a report that highlights the chemical attacks in the period of time between the 4th report and the end of 2016.
On February 13, 2017, the Joint Investigative Mechanism published its 5th report, and although the Syrian regime carried out 23 attacks at least between the 4th and the 5th report, the Joint Investigative Mechanism wasn’t, sadly, able to determine who was responsible for these attacks, choosing to focus on only nine incidents.
Since the beginning of 2017, the Syrian regime has carried out several attacks using chemical weapons. SNHR team recorded nine chemical attacks by the Syrian regime between January 2017 and April 4, 2017 in Idlib, Hama, Damascus suburbs, and Damascus. These attacks resulted in the killing of 77 civilians, including 25 children and 16 women, in addition to one armed opposition fighter, and injured no less than 243 individuals. The most prominent attack was the one that took place in Khan Shaikhoun on April 4, 2017, which saw the death of 76 civilians, including 25 children and 16 women, who were suffocated to death after missiles loaded with poison gases were fired by fixed-wing Su-22 Syrian regime forces warplanes in the northern neighborhood of the city. The videos filmed by activists showed symptoms and signs of suffocation and heavy breathing.
If one was to look into and investigate these attacks, it would appear that they took place in areas to which the Syrian regime is trying to advance and seize control of, as these attacks were in conjunction with systematic bombardment operations using missiles and barrel bombs.

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