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Russian Forces Have Killed 5,783 Civilians, Including 1,596 Children


Russia Needs to Apologize and Reconstruct what it Had Destroyed if it Wishes to Have a Political Influence


Since the very first days of the Russian intervention in September 2015, it has been very clear that Russia chose to aggressively and directly side with the Syrian regime. Russian forces didn’t only target fighters and their bases, but they resorted to killing and bombing civilians in a deliberate, heavy, repeated manner. SNHR possesses a special file that contains hundreds of incidents and the main suspect in these incidents are Russian forces. We also have a list of the civilians, women, and children who were killed in these attacks, in addition to another file for the vital facilities that were targeted by these forces. Finally, we should note the appalling use of cluster munitions, and the use of cluster munitions against populated areas. All of the aforementioned have led to a shift in areas of control in favor of the Syrian regime in a number of Syrian governorates – particularly in Aleppo, Hama, Damascus suburbs, Deir Ez-Zour, and Raqqa. In light of the possibility of the Syrian regime re-seizing control and committing brutal retaliatory acts, residents were forced to flee as nearly 2.3 million individuals have been displaced as a direct result of the Russian offensives along with their allies – the Syrian and Iranian regimes.
The overall toll of the most notable violations by Russian forces between September 30, 2015 and December 31, 2017:
• Killed no less than 5,783 civilians, including 1,596 children and 992 women (adult female).
• Committed no less than 294 massacres (i.e., killing five peaceful individuals or more at the same time).
• Killed no less than 53 medical personnel.
• Perpetrated approximately 817 attacks on vital civilian facilities, including 141 attacks on medical facilities.
• About 217 attacks using cluster munitions.
• About 113 attacks using incendiary ammunitions.

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