SNHR Signs an Agreement with the New York Times to Contribute to Numerous Investigations into Russian Forces’ Violations in Syria


The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) and The New York Times Company, the legal representative of the New York Times, in October 2019 signed an agreement under which SNHR will share information and data it documented on violations by Russian forces in Syria; the New York Times is engaged in a number of focused investigations into attacks on civilian centers that have caused the death of a number of civilian victims, specifically carried out by Russian forces, sometimes by indiscriminate bombardment, and sometimes by deliberate, coordinates-based and intelligence-based bombing, which constitute war crimes.
SNHR’s main objective of this expansive project is to prevent the Russian government from blaming full responsibility for the killings and bombing of civilian centers on the Syrian regime, and to make clear that Russian forces are actively and heavily involved in hundreds of violations, many of which constitute war crimes.

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