German Foreign Ministry Report Reiterates that Syria is Unsafe and Cites SNHR as a Principal Source

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A number of German media outlets have published passages from the most recent report by Germany’s Federal Foreign Office (AA) on the situation in Syria. Whilst government foreign affairs bodies worldwide usually issue annual reports on ‘the situation in Syria,’ the German government opt to not publish its report, but rather to share copies of it with partner organizations, including the Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR). Since we cannot publish or share the report, we will be outlining some of the most important points contained in it, in addition to the related reporting by some German media outlets, including ARD.

The AA’s report primarily draws upon the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic (COI), and secondly on SNHR’s data. This year’s report sheds light on many of the forms of violations seen in Syria – most notably extrajudicial killings, arbitrary arrest, torture, landmines, unexploding landmines, and many others. The report notes that SNHR documented the killing of over 1,000 civilians in 2022, including 250 children. Recently, the report adds, at least nine civilians were killed, and about 30 injured, in Russian airstrikes. In addition, the report reveals that a total of 12,350 incidents related to landmines and unexploded explosives were documented between 2019 and 2022 alone. The report also underscores that arbitrary arrests continue to be carried out, along with torture inside the detention centers of the various parties to the conflict and controlling forces.

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