43 civilians have been killed in a massacre in Tareq Al-Bab of Aleppo

massacre in Tareq Al-Bab of Aleppo


Saturday, 08-09-2012, a MIG23 airplane penetrate the sound barrier many times, then threw several barrels on a building near Al-Halwaneyeh roundabout in Tareq Al Bab neighborhood, it led to complete destruction of three floors in building, where the residents were inside.
The explosion led to kill at least 30 civilians, some of the bodies were completely torn apart. Many residents refused to talk with us and give any more information., it caused to at least 50 injures most of them were civilians who hurts cause of shrapnel that fell from the building.

After nearly half an hour the MIG23 airplane resumed its flight over Al Shaar neighborhood and shelled Sad El Wez street by a missile, almost 700 meters far away from the building of the first massacre. it caused destruction in many floors in other buildings, cut off electricity, and set on fires.

13 people were killed, and at least 25 people were injured; many of them died in the field hospital because of their serious conditions. some bodies pulled from rubbles. 

SNHR could document the kill of 43 civilians: victims’ families and witnesses could recognize 22 of them, other bodies were unrecognizable and completely distorted.