A documentation of Kafarzeta massacre in rural Hama

47 Massacres

On Tuesday, 11-09-2012 at 10:15 in the morning Syrian army warplanes attacked kafarzeta city and dropped twelve barrels which were loaded with explosives, this killed twelve civilians (including two women and a toddler). The following are details of the massacre as narrated to us by the civilians and witnesses:

The distribution of explosive barrels according to the shelled area and the destruction which the bombardment caused:

The first barrel: the first barrel was dropped on the neighborhood which is situated in the north of the village and caused no casualties. After a short while, the second barrel was dropped on the home of the martyr Hassan Karmo AlTafah which killed Abdullah (33 years), his wife Rabi’a Hashem Alkhatib and their neighborhood Noura AlTafah (Um Hamed). In addition to this, a few women and children were injured.
The second and third barrel: whilst the civilians were trying to retrieve the bodies of the victims, a third barrel was dropped over a distance of 25 meters from the first site of explosion near the home of AlHaj Khaled AlSaleh. This led to his and his friends (AlHaj Abdullah AlDiab, 70 years) death, in addition to the death of Mohammad Adnan AlSaleh (33 years), Abdullah Yaser AlSaleh (19 years), the grandchild of AlHaj Khaled Saleh (Abu Radwan) and Mohammad Muhyi AlDeen Hassoun (30 years), who was holding the baby Batoul Mohammad AlTalfah (10 months) as he was trying to rescue her away from the second site of explosion. However, they were fated to become victims of the third explosion. Saleh AlHassoun (40 years) also lost his life while he was trying to reach the location of the bombing to rescue his family. A few injured people were salvaged from this explosion; some of them were in critical condition. 
The fourth barrel: the fall of a fourth barrel caused another explosion on the old homes, situated on the south of the big mosque. This caused more destruction of the buildings but no casualties.