Targeting Mosques by Syrian Government’s Armed Forces

MosquesTotalitarian Dictatorial Syrian regime prevented for decades any public gatherings, or peaceful sit-ins, tortured and arrested who did or tried to do such acts
When the Syrian Revolution began in the context of the Arab spring, mosques were the only place available for demonstrations where the people were gathering in , most of demonstrations launched form mosques with participant form other sects and religions cause it was gathering points
In this regard , Syrian government’s Armed Forces deliberately targeted to shatter the prestige that Syrian People feels towards mosques , so they shelled , destroyed , vandalized and stormed mosques in unprecedented barbaric ways , even in the days of French colonialism which takes into account the sanctity of the mosques and didn’t pursue anyone entered a mosque.
SNHR already have been prepared report on destruction’s percentage in Syria , which amounted more than 3 million building affected , more than 700,000 buildings totally destroyed including houses , schools , mosques , hospitals
SNHR also conducted report about destroyed or damaged schools, another report about destroyed or damaged churches, detailed report about hospitals, and in this context we review in a survey conducted in all of the Syrian provinces about damaged and destroyed mosques. this survey took longer time, cause of the large number of destroyed mosques