‏Research about using Syrian Government for more than 131 long-range surface to surface missiles in shelling Syrian Governorates

surface missiles in shelling

Does anyone in Syria, except Syrian Government’s Armed Forces, have long-range surface to surface missile??
In Iraq: United State of America considered Scud missiles as mass destruction weapons
In Syria we didn’t hear appropriate international condemnation about using deliberately and intentionally this kind of weapons by Syrian Government , which considered by General Commander of the Syrian Army Bashar Al-Assad as a green light
Initially, they started to use scud missile on a free zone to test the reaction of the international community, and when they found weak and shameful reaction from international community and Security Council, that should maintain security and civil peace, they started to expand the use of Scud missile and shelled residential neighborhood to delete it from the world map.
Syrian Government monitors cautiously international community’s reaction and then acts accordingly
At the beginning , live ammunition , then tanks , heavy artillery , then started to use helicopter and the international community’s silence continued , then warplanes , missiles , random TNT , and the international community’s silence continued !!, then Scud missile , and the international community still silence and unable to override Russia and China Vito , although it done many times before .

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