A Special report on the Disastrous Situation in Al Hajar Al Aswad neighborhood in Damascus

Al Hajar Al Aswad neighborhood

Government forces has imposed a siege on Al Hajar Al Aswad neighborhood on Thursday 13/12/2012. As of this writing, it banned food and medical supplies.
Moreover, government stopped providing bakeries with flour, so 15 bakeries had completely stopped working in the neighborhood.
The martyrs:
SNHR has documented the death of 416 civilians of the neighborhood during the military campaign in the neighborhood including eight persons who died due to torture.
The detainees:
We documented about 150 disappeared persons in addition to about 27 thousand of civilians from the neighborhood were exposed to arrest and torture, while many of them still arrested to this moment.
The bombardment: (hospitals, schools, water and electricity stations, mosques, and markets)
On 12/2/2012, government forces shelled the electricity station inside the neighborhood and repeatedly shelled water centers. It had systematically shelled six water centers inside the neighborhood rendering it out of commission.

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