Arrest Abeer Wanas (Syrian Network member) in Aleppo

4444ntitledTuesday 18/6/2013, Syrian Security Forces’ patrol broke into human rights defender and the member of Syrian Network for Human Right activist Abeer Wanas without formal charge and the absence of prior-notifications
Syrian Network for Human Rights has almost certain information that she is in political security branch in Aleppo
SNHR daily documents more than 5 cases of torturing to death including activists, where Syrian Security Forces do not distinguish between human right activist, media activist and fighter.
Also don’t take into account the nature of women.
SNHR documented 26 cases for women have been tortured to death, last one was the media activist Marwa Hamdo Khalil 21 years old – student in Sharia college – Aleppo governorate.
From this standpoint we are so afraid on the fate of human rights defender Abeer Wanas, where she might be subjected to torture in order to reveal SNHR’s member that she is dealing with ,the other goal is to send threatening letters to SNHR through the arrest of its members or their relatives to stop one and for all our work.