Journalist and human rights defender Kamal Sheikho arrested

Kamal Sheikho

He was arrested by government forces in Aleppo then he was transferred to Damascus.
SNHR notes that the detainee Kamal Shaikh Jamil is subjected to brutal torture on a daily basis.
The citizen has a Syrian nationality. No Arab or international human rights organization has pointed out his case or taken any action regarding it.
SNHR holds the Syrian government fully responsible for the citizen Kamal Shaikh Jamil’s life, and demand the international community to take action to reveal the fate of thousands of detainees that lose their lives daily and are subjected to a systematic and unprecedented torture at the hands of a regime that has no regard for the most basic humanitarian or moral standards amid the international and humanitarian failure to uphold the legal responsibility and international obligation regarding what is happening to the detainees in the dark prisons and government forces.

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