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Government forces give no respect for the holy month of Ramadan


Ramadan in syria

Ramadan is very important month for the Muslims around the world, many hands including Syrian Political Opposition had offered a truce on the government forces, but it rejected.
Government Forces give no respect for the holy month, SNHR documented the kill of 396 civilians including 42 children and 38 ladies, in addition to 146 of FSA, that’s mean 515 citizen have been killed within one week from 10/7/2013 to 16/7/2013 ( the first week in Ramadan).
The victims killed by shelling that doesn’t subside in day or night, and the huge number of killings among civilians especially women and children is conclusive proof of the systematic method of killing and shelling.
The daily average of killing is 74 people a day, 3 people an hour.
The definite evidence is that 70 citizens have been tortured to death, an average 10 victims a day, this is conclusive indicator of continued systematic torturing methods.


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