Syrian Government violations against university student

universitySyrian Government and its representatives do not stop their allegation that they are fighting terrorism and AL-Qaeda, but those allegation easily collapse when we talk about the systematic violations against civil society leaders, media activists, and popular movements’ leaders; the most prominent of them are university students who have been arrested, tortured to death, and expelled from university, they form the vast majority of detainees, it explains why undemocratic voices have arisen and spread recently, as the Syrian Regime planned by arresting and killing the real leaders of Syrian Popular Movement.
At the beginning we have to refer to strategic and active role played by university students in Syrian Popular Movement, where they participated in demonstrations, most of media activists, paramedics and physicians are university students, and because of their activities and attitudes Syrian regime focused on them, where according to our estimations at least 35.000 students (male and female) have been arrested in Syrian Regime’s Prisons.